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Puppies Arrived!!!Check out our current litters available page.  We have August  and Comfort's puppies  born April 8th for a first week of  June 2020 take home. 6 girls and 3 boys. Beautiful golden red color.

We guarantee all of our puppies until one year of age  if  you use NuVet wafers to support the puppies immunity. *see contract for full details.

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Welcome to CMP kennel. If you are here; you are probably looking for a Golden Retriever puppy.  If you’re anything like us, you have an incredible connection with your dogs or want to make an addition to your family.  We are a family who loves our dogs and breed to ensure safe and high standards of Goldens are available to loving families.  Please grab a cup of coffee and look around.  We live on an 80 acre farm just 1 mile outside of Goldendale, WA in the scenic Columbia Gorge.  Many of our families come from the Seattle, Spokane, Portland, and California. Why  are families willing to travel so far? Simple; because our reputation and commitment to quality puppies at a fair price makes us stand out.  Schedule to come see our wonderful dogs. 


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Total cost to adopt a puppy $2245

Adoption fee $2200

Microchip $45


* if you use paypal or credit card for any part of the purchase price, add 3.5% for the fees these companies charge.  I do accept cash at pick up or checks at 6 weeks.