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Hi, I am Melissa; owner and lover of Golden Retrievers. Our dogs are first and foremost our pets.  We love and care for them as part of the family. I have five breeding females, and Comfort; our male Golden Retriever that live on the farm with us.   Max lives in Roseburg with my sister and her family but he breeds several of our females.  

The family you see above is all mine.  Yep... you counted right.  My husband Paul, and I, drum roll please....eight children.  Levi 22, Caleb 19, Elle 17, Hannah 15, Stephen 14, Matthew 10, Daniel 7, and baby Michael 1.

So obviously, I run a full time business breeding Golden Retrievers but  when I am not rushing around caring for dogs and kids- I try and get a little time with my wonderful husband who is a farmer of wheat, straw, and hay.  Life is full but we are fully blessed.