​​f you are approved to be added to a litters waiting list, a $500 deposit will go towards the purchase price required in order to reserve a puppy. If the litter does not produce enough puppies of the right sex; a refund of the deposit will be honored; otherwise, deposits are non-refundable. However, you do have a one time option of using the deposit in the future or transferring it to another litter. We recommend reviewing the terms of our health guarantee and contract before placing your deposit so you fully understand the conditions of buying a puppy from CMP kennels. 

Visiting Your Litter

You are encouraged to visit our home and our dogs, but timing to do so is limited. Because of our very busy schedule; puppy visits are scheduled by appointment only and I keep one day free a month for puppy visits. If you are interested in visiting the litter before take home day, I encourage you to ask early what the visit day is for that month.  I can not accomodate individual visits.  I allow you to visit the litter between 5-6 weeks old, this is when they are becoming more active and you can see their personalities starting to develop. For the sake of your puppy's health do not visit any animal shelter or a place where pets frequent. PARVO is deadly to unvaccinated puppies and it can be brought in to our home! Parvovirus is extremely contagious and can be transmitted by any person, animal or object that comes in contact with an infected dog's feces.

 Picking Your Puppy

Only pick of the litter families get to pick their puppy as first choice and there is an additional fee of $500 to be pick of the litter.  Usually only families looking to breed or have very specific situations actually need or feel trained enough to pick based on what best for them and the puppy vs. emotions.  I take into consideration what each family is looking for in a puppy and which puppy will be the best fit for that family.  After years of experience I find that many families choose the puppy that comes to them first or happens to be most active when they are here however this is not an indicator that is the best fit for the family. So after much consideration- I have changed my policy to get a detailed idea from each family of what they are looking for in a puppy, how many children they may or may not have, any other animals, how active the family is, if one or both adults work outside the home, the size of yard, and many other factors to give you the best puppy for your situation and to give each puppy the right home for their personality.  If you happen to want to breed or want to choose your own puppy- I suggest you apply for pick of the litter and pay the additional fee for that option.  Having done this for some time now- I can assure you I have never had a family say there were unhappy with their puppy or his/her personality so my matching skills are pretty good and the benefit to me placing a puppy with each family is by 6 weeks you will know which puppy you are getting and I will be sending you individual pictures of your puppy.  

Paying for your Puppy

You will be required to pay a non refundable deposit of $500 to hold your puppy until pick up.  When the puppies reach 6 weeks old; you may pay your remaining balance by check or credit card or you may pay cash at pick up.  I do not take checks at pick up.  If using a credit card- I charge 3.5% of the balance to cover the fees the credit card company charges to process the transaction.  

Preparing for your Puppy

It can seem like an eternity as you wait for your puppy to get to eight weeks old so I encourage you to make your purchase to get ready for puppy like bedding, crate, kennel, set up your first vet visit and research vets as well as training classes in your area.  Now is a good time to read up on puppy training or watch YouTube videos on potty training, leash training, so you will be better prepared when you bring your puppy home.


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