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Frequently Asked Questions

 What type health testing do you do?

All of our dogs are checked and kept healthy by regular immunizations and regular vet care.  We have had all of our dogs extensively tested through Paw Genetics as well as several of our dogs are OFA certified.

What kind of care do you provide for your puppies?
Our puppies are raised inside and outside on our 80 acre farm with our family. There is almost always someone home with them. We believe socialization and early training including  early behavior imprinting is a foundation for an emotionally stable puppy who transitions well to its new home.  I take the profession of dog breeding very seriously and we have spent a tremendous amount of time & money on our program to produce high quality puppies. 

  Why do you make your puppy buyers use certain  supplements?  I require those wanting to get a puppy from me to continue to use the same nutritional supplements I have raised the puppy on because I believe strongly that nutrition plays a huge part in your dogs overall health.  I have researched many brands and now have a program that consistently produces quality dogs.  The products I use are very comparable in price but far superior in quality to other reputable brands so by having families continue the same protocol; I have seen my puppies grow into very strong healthy dogs.  Most of my families continue using NuVet and Life Abundance long after the  first year because they see the benefits of feeding their dog high quality dog food and supplements.  Our goal is to breed the best Golden Retrievers in temperament, conformation, health, and performance. When we breed a puppy, we make a lifetime commitment. All puppies are sold with a contract that obligates you to certain things, depending on whether the puppy is sold as a pet or a show animal. Some people find this obtrusive but, the welfare of the dogs come first and the desires of people to have a puppy come second. I believe if you fully research the two companies I recommend and watch the YouTube videos on my website you will find that the products I recommend are affordable and the fact that I keep my adoption fee far less then many breeders who offer much less in their program- Overall you will be very happy with getting a CMPkennel puppy.

 How does your reservation list work?
We will reserve 2 puppies per sex  in the  litter before birth. If there are more than 2 puppies of one sex and not enough of the other, those who are flexible about the sex will have an opportunity for those puppies. Deposits are not taken until after your application has been submitted and approved. If we have more than four families waiting for a litter,  once the puppies are born and we know how many of each sex we have, then we will contact the approved wait list families who will have 48 hours to put in their deposits.  At that time, we open it up to first come/ first reserve basis.   

What is the availability of your litters?
Please contact us about which litter of puppies you may be interested in.  We should have  2 litters in the fall  and 3 litter in the spring so we are taking reservations now for future litters

 Will you keep my puppy for extra time to train him/her?
We only have room in our home for a limited number of dogs and have only a limited amount of time so we aren't in a position to offer this right now.  Please do not ask us to keep your puppy beyond 8 weeks, we have a boarding fee of $100 a week but prefer you to come on designated pick up date.  In rare cases, we will work around your schedule for the $20 a day fee.

 How many litters do you typically have and do you ever have multiple litters at your home?
We plan on having 1 litter in the spring and 2 litters in the fall for 2019.

It often happens that litters overlap because girls living in the same home tend to come into season (heat) together. We have raised up to three litters at the same time on several occasions. We have more help than most and our puppies get huge amounts of attention, socialization, love, and training, even when we have three litters.  There is someone home with our puppies almost 24/7.

Do you breed your dogs back to back or skip seasons?
We make our decision about when to breed one of our girls on a case by case basis, but we do believe that back to back breeding is a good thing in most cases. Most, if not all, reproductive vets say that it is better to breed back to back than to skip seasons and then continue to breed girls when they are older.  If one of our dogs is not up to weight and in optimal health when she goes into heat, we absolutely skip breeding that heat cycle.  With this in mind, our girls are usually retired by the age of six.

 How much are your puppies and what is your policy for deposits and payments?
Our current price is $2245 for a puppy

A $500 deposit is due to hold your spot for a puppy with the balance due by the time the puppy is 6 weeks old.  

 Do you ship your puppies?
We do not ship puppies.  I feel that families need to fly in and meet me, meet the puppies, and then take their puppy home in a crate in the aircraft cabin if they need to fly with a puppy.  I prefer families to drive and pick up their new family member.

Will you meet me at the airport with my puppy?
If you are flying in and time is an issue.  I do meet a Portland airport only for an additional $200.  If this is something you need to have done; please make arrangements early so we can schedule a time that works best for me and you.

How do I reserve a puppy?
Fill out our puppy application and email it to us, usually within 24 hours we will let you know if you are approved and then you can send in your deposit of $500 by check (remember it is order of deposit received) we take payment for deposit on the home page of this website which gets you on the reservation list faster via paypal.

 Can we come meet you, your dogs, and the puppies at your home?
Yes, though it is not required, we would love to meet all new puppy owners (only serious inquiries interested in litters that are announced on our site) after they have completed the puppy application and spoken with us by phone, and been approved. An appointment is required for all visits. To preserve our limited family time, we schedule visits once a month.  We get as many as a dozen  or more requests a month to visit and we have had to adjust our policy to ensure a healthy home life that allows us to make plans on  weekends.  So plan to visit on the monthly puppy visit day.
We often have people asking to drop in and see our dogs. We love visiting with people, but in order to protect our family time, and to protect the puppies from too many outside environmental hazards;  we've decided to only invite those who have taken the first steps toward reserving a puppy from us and been approved.

 What are your requirements to get a puppy from you?
We will only allow our puppies to go to homes where they will be given the very best of care and where they will receive a lot of love and attention. We won't place them in homes where everyone is gone most of the day without a well thought out plan to care for the puppy.  We also will not sell to a back yard breeder or anyone who plans to breed.  

 What kind of food do you recommend?
Puppy and dog nutrition is very important to the health and well being of your dog.  I have researched dog foods, methods from raw to store bought dog foods.  I have after years of study choose to use Life Abundance dog food.  It is shipped directly to my house and is far superior than many brands I have researched. 

 Will you sell with full registration?
Yes I do.  If you would like to show your dog in AKC confirmation or have a litter of puppies in the future.  Please indicate that on your application and pay the additional $500 fee when reserving your puppy or when you come to pick up your puppy.  I do not go back retroactively and change AKC registration so you will need to decide before pick up if you want full registration.  

 Do your dogs have any type of allergy? 

No, none of our dogs have  shown any signs of allergies. Skin conditions and allergies do have a genetic component, but environment and healthy food is also important in keeping any dog's skin and coat looking good.   I live on the dry side of Washington.  If you live in a different climate say the wet side of Oregon and Washington- You will want to seek advice from your vet on how to best prevent allergies and dry skin. 

Can I get 2 puppies from a litter? 
Though I think having 2 dogs in the same home is a good idea, I caution against getting two puppies at once.   2 puppies is a lot of work and unless you are very experienced at raising puppies, it can be overwhelming. I recommend getting a second puppy when the first puppy is 6 months to a year of age and only when you are in a position to have the time to give individual attention to both.  I have exceptions to this, so please contact me to discuss further if your serious about the time commitment and have a reason why 2 at once is best for your situation.

 What is PRA-1, PRA-2, genetic testing and OFA testing?
We believe in finding the balance in charging a fair price for our puppies but also the need to get all the expensive genetic testing of a good breeder.  If you ever wondered why puppies cost so much, here's why.  All the testing and vet care to breed is very expensive.  Literally thousands of dollars per dog, not including normal vet care, and the initial investment to buy breeding dogs.  We have chosen to do genetic testing on all of our dogs but only do OFA testing on some of our dogs to allow more people the affordability of a golden retriever but we do have options for every need.

 How much do Golden Retrievers shed?
We sweep and mop our floors almost every day.   My females will “blow their coat” a couple of months after weaning a litter of puppies.  You can almost see the hair falling out at that time, but they do not shed again for many months, almost a year.  Some Goldens will profusely shed in the spring and have a much thinner coat for the summer.   When you come pick your puppy up, plan for the mama to look quite thin as she just gave birth to many puppies so they always look pretty thin for a few months and she may or may not have a full coat as often mama's blow their coat after birth . It is something that happens after whelping but her beautiful coat comes back as her hormones normalize again.

 Which makes the better pet, a male or female?
With Golden Retrievers, there is not a lot of difference in the personality/temperament of boys and girls.  Both are loving and sweet. I believe the parents of a litter make a bigger difference in temperament than the sex of the puppy. However, with that said, I will say that within a litter, there is probably a bigger percentage of girls that are calmer and less independent and more boys that are more playful and more independent. 

The biggest difference between the sexes is in size and look. Boys are 10-15 pounds heavier and boys will have a bigger, blockier head whereas a girl's head will be more feminine.

Some people worry about boys "humping" or "marking" their home so they shy away from boys.  It has been my experience that after you fix your male- you will not have these issues.  My boys have NEVER "humped" me or anyone and they are not fixed and  only my unfixed males mark their territory (something I want in a male sire) but you would not have an issue with after fixing your dog so please do not shy away from a wonderful male companion.  They make wonderful family dogs.